Slide We help you to surprise your shoppers with creative, effective and sustainable instore creations. Creative instore marketing agency We help you to surprise your shoppers with creative, effective and sustainable instore creations. Creative instore marketing agency

How we create

A good concept starts with a creative idea. Creativity is key.

Throughout every step of our process we always try to improve our concept. We have an eye for detail. So, at the end we have developed the perfect Creations.

What we create

Up until today most retail purchases are done in the actual stores. Exact figures vary per product type but it is certain the physical store is and will stay important. That does not mean that it is business as usual. The shopper and the shopper journey have changed because of internet, mobile marketing and more recent Covid-19.

Instore is the place where you are in direct contact with your clients. That is where your brand comes alive. We help you to turn these contact moments into creative and inspiring instore presentations.

Our mission is to provide you with the most creative and effective instore marketing solution. 
We have linked our general mission to our sustainable mission. Which is to provide you with a solution with the smallest possible ecological footprint.


As a creative and producing company we are aware of our responsibility to reduce our footprint. As a rule, production by itself has a negative effect on the environment. Our goal is to reduce this to the absolute minimum. And to do this in a responsible matter.

To realize this is an ongoing process. From the first rough ideas till the placement on the shop floor we always look for sustainable improvement. Which often can even save money.  

One of these improvements is our never ceasing search for environmental friendlier materials and production methods.

We have also made some specific steps. As a start we have stopped using single use plastics in our packaging. Together with our clients and partners we offer the perfect packaging without these plastics. We have also chosen to work mainly with local partners and suppliers. This brings environmental savings and also short lines.

We are always looking for more sustainable solutions and materials

In addition to these steps we have initiated initiatives to help clean our planet. Sustainability is a trend, which we embrace. But we do not trade in greenwashing. We want to be innovator that helps our complete industry to improve itself.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”

Robert Swan

Our creations


For Brita we have designed and produced a brochure display for their luxury magazine Dorst.

We have chosen for a wooden display that meets their natural and environmentally friendly appearance. The logo has been applied via branding stamp. This to save printing inks and it also matches their appearance better.

The displays can be sent out flatpacked. Which saves stocking and transport costs.

Etnies Display

For the skate brand Etnies we have designed and developed this logo sign / pos display.

In combination with the header it can be used as a display to support the running promotion. After a promotion the base can be used as a logo sign. This way we extent the lifespan of the unit.

The materials used are wood, cardboard and metal. In line with the brand.


For the shoe brand Greve we have created this logo-sign. For the production we have chosen for 3D printing.

3D printing gives us a lot of possibilities design and material wise. Another advantage is that the waste in 3D printing is brought to an absolute minimum compared to other production methods.

The shape of this logo sign designed in a way that this can be used standing up or laying down. Depending the position on the shelf.


For the luxury hair care brand JOICO we have designed and produced a counter display to promote the Defy Damage line.

We made the base by vacuum forming a special frosted acrylic.

In line with the display we also designed a tray which is used in the hair salons.

Keen kids

For KEEN, the outdoor brand we love, we have designed and produced several displays for their Kids line. Always made from a sustainable cardboard and very bright full to attract the attention of the kids.

A skateboard, surf board or a special rainbow version to support their rainbow product line.


For in shop windows we have developed this semi-permanent unit for KEEN.

It consists of a wooden base, a metal frame and 100% recycled acrylic panels with print. The unit is sent flat packed and therefore it has a smaller ecological footprint and it also saves transport costs.

The units have been placed at all Globetrotter stores in Germany.


OTP stands for Off The Pitch. The Dutch streetwear fashion brand which has originated out of the pure love for football has grown to be one of the streetwear brands of this moment.

We have been asked by OTP to dress up the store Colab on the Meent in the city center of Rotterdam. Besides the shop window we also developed the instore communication.

We have also looked after the production and installation.


For Unilever and retailer Plus we have dressed up this promotion meter in the shelf aisle. We produced and placed these.

It consists of a base, shelf strips, a header and two side banners.


about us

Mijn naam is Douwe de Keizer. Na mijn studie ben ik bij Unilever de instore marketingwereld ingerold. Na voor diverse brands en instore fabrikanten te hebben gewerkt heb ik in 2015 De Keizer Instore Creations opgericht.

Het is onze missie en mijn passie u de beste oplossing te bieden. 


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